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Due to the economy, most of the Golfer Girl Magazine advertisers can no longer provide the necessary financial support to keep the magazine operating. Although the magazine had subscribers in all 50 states, Mexico, and Canada, we can no longer publish the magazine.

Since January, we have been in discussions with a number of potential publishers of the magazine, but none are able to take on the task of operating a publication in our specialized niche. Although we are continuing to look for viable options, we are compelled to notify you that we can no longer publish the magazine ourselves, and we do not have plans to print a new issue.

This has been a wonderful experience for all of us at Golfer Girl Magazine, and we greatly appreciate all of the support provided by you as a subscriber and from all of those who volunteered to make the magazine possible. We will never forget all the kind emails and phone calls that we received from girls, parents and grandparents who loved every issue of our magazine.

Thank you to all who supported Golfer Girl Magazine. We hope to see you on the links!


Golfer Girl Magazine

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